These Terms of Use of Pesi Coins Limited  (hereinafter the "Terms of Use", "Terms") provide for an exhaustive agreement between Pesi Coins Limited located at 15 Seagull Lane, London, United Kingdom, E16 3BX (hereinafter “The Company”, “We”) and any individual (hereinafter the “Client”), whose age is not less than 18 years old, and who independently decided to participate in our investment program and at the time of starting cooperation with the Company is not a citizen of any country whose local laws prohibit or restrict this cooperation.


The Company provides trust management services for the Client's investment funds on the following fundamental terms:

• The Client provides investment funds exclusively of his own free will;
• The decision to provide investment funds is not the result of acquaintance of the Client with the content of the official website of the Company www.pesicoins.com (hereinafter the Site);
• The Client provides only his own money in the form of investment funds;
• The Client understands and confirms that online investment involves certain risks, some of which may (but not necessarily) be beyond the influence of the Company's business. 


The Company provides the Clientwith the following opportunities:

• To create a personal account using the resources of the Company's investment system. Website is an integral part of this system;
• To make investments using the functions of a personal account;
• To use the Partner's solutions of the Company, which are fully described in the section "Affiliate (Representatives)";
• To receive profit from investments made in accordance with our investment proposals, exhaustively stated in the "Investment plans" site section;
• To carry out the actions directed on formation of partner structure, using for this purpose a unique partner link and promotional materials;
• To receive all possible assistance from the Company in investment matters and in other issues directly associated with the investment process. 


The Client cannot perform the following actions:

• Create more than one personal account using the same IP address;
• Use spam in promoting his unique affiliate links, promotional materials and in any other circumstances directly or indirectly associated with cooperation with the Company;
• Interrupt the flawless operation of the Site;
• Interfere with the integrity of systems and databases using software and / or hardware of any etymology;
• Interfere with the investment process of other Clients;
• Attempt to seize the funds and / or property of the Company;
• Distribute unreasonable and / or unverified information about the Company or other Clients that may adversely affect the good name and reputation of the Company or other Clients;
• Use funds earned in the Company for illegal financing, including for financing illegal units, groups and terrorist organizations;
• Launder money using the Company's Website;
• Use borrowed or credit funds in the investment process. 

The Company ensures the flawless use of the Site by the Client, except when this is not possible due to the onset of force majeure circumstances, as well as circumstances beyond the Company control. 


The Company reserves the right to:

• Periodically suspend the work of the Site for the execution of planned, unscheduled technical works, carrying out updates and other activities aimed at improving the user's and information functions of the Site;
• Amend these Terms without prior notice;
• Make changes to any Site section without prior notice;
• Block the account of the Client who does not comply with these Terms or interprets these Terms not in accordance with the letter and spirit of these Terms;
• Suspend the provision of services for the period of force-majeure circumstances on the territory of the Client's residence or on the territory of the Company's location;
• Do not accept claims for insufficient provision of services in cases where this non-provision or insufficient provision of services is due to factors of force majeure or factors beyond the Company's control;
• Send information, news, notifications, notices and other information blocks of commercial, technical, notifying and advertising nature to the Client’s e-mail specified at registration;
• Do not provide third parties with information about the Client's data, regardless of the etymology of the request for such information;
• Provide the Client with technical support regardless of the status of the Client and / or of his/her personal account;
• Periodically suspend the operation of online support for routine maintenance and staff reorganization;
• Periodically suspend the work of the hotline for technical work and staff reorganization;
• Create and publish news blocks, reports, digests, brochures about the Company's activities in relation to the Site, the investment process, the Company's trading activities and the process of service providing in the "News" section, except news and changes that relate directly to the rules of investing and content of any Site section. 


The Client agrees and acknowledges that:

• Any activity related to online investing, crypto currency trading, crypto currency exchange and other exchange operations have a certain level of business risk;
• All references, opinions, articles and general content of the Site should not be regarded as direct investment recommendations;
• All references, opinions, articles and the general content of the Site should not be regarded as a call to invest;
• Any actions of the Client on the Site are the result of the Client's good will and are performed by him (the Client) on a voluntary basis and at his own discretion;
• Non-compliance, non-observance, free interpretation or ignoring of these Terms may entail suspension of services, blocking of a personal account without prior notice;
• The Client uses the Site exclusively for personal purposes and does not pursue any other, including illegal, purposes. 


The company sets the following rules for the use and application of services:

• Services will be provided only if the Client does not use spam technologies;
• Services will be provided during the whole period of the Client's investment;
• The Company's investment proposals are provided on an unlimited basis;
• The Company undertakes to maintain the Site in the most efficient condition and safe technical conditions;
• The Company undertakes to pay interest charges and partner fees in the instant payment mode, except for cases when such a payment mode is not available for the Company's systems for reasons beyond the Company’s control and / or because of force majeure circumstances that impede the fulfillment of this obligation. 

All disputes and / or disagreements that may (but are not required) arise between the Client and the Company are resolved exclusively through the negotiation process, without involving in the process third parties, both interested and not interested. 

All content on the Site is the exclusive intellectual property of the Company and is protected by the Intellectual Property Law.

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